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we specialize in a variety of areas including:

eating disorders.

whether you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, or just find yourself having a "weird" relationship with food, let's talk about it. we treat anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, arfid (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder), and osfed (other specified feeding or eating disorder). we believe that the behaviors associated with eating disorders are merely symptoms of a larger root issue. we will address not just the behaviors, but the underlying causes and what is keeping you safe, but stuck.

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trauma is a complex and often debilitating experience that can impact your mental and physical health. we recognize that each human's experience of trauma is unique. trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. unhealed trauma resurfaces throughout our lives, and often does so in our romantic or familial relationships. we believe that recovery from trauma may not necessarily mean complete freedom from post-traumatic effects, but the ability to live in the present without being overwhelmed with the thoughts and feelings from the past.


substance use and abuse.

addiction recovery is as much about physical abstinence as it is about making positive mental and behavioral changes. we believe in johann hari's message that "the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection." we will work together to reconnect you with yourself and others throughout the recovery process.


attachment disorders.

our earliest and ongoing attachment experiences impact how we see ourselves, our relationships, and our overall ability to trust. we find ourselves running from people when we want to stay and pushing others away when we want them to move closer. sometimes our behaviors don’t match our internal thoughts and feelings and we can’t understand why. together, we will move through the pain while unlearning old patterns. we will discover new and safe ways to truly connect with ourselves and others. we believe that old relationship wounds can be healed in secure relationships.


identity exploration.

identity exploration takes place at all ages and stages of life; sometimes with more intensity than others. identity exploration is hard, uncertain, and often challenges old messages and societal expectations. in a safe, non-judgmental space, we will look deeply into your internal experience, learn who you are, and navigate ways to bring your truest self to your life so you can confidently show up in your relationships.



humans are wired for connection and relationships are a vital part of our lived experience. relationships can also cause great distress when we are stuck in cycles that leave us feeling misunderstood, detached, and exhausted. whether there are challenges with your partner, family, or professionally, we will navigate the patterns and feelings preventing you from having positive interactions and help you make the changes necessary to build deep and meaningful relationships.



being a member of the lgbtqia+ community can be wonderful, but can also bring its own challenges. we understand the intersecting systems of oppression that impact the lgbtqia+ community and together we can work to dismantle some of the barriers that keep you from living your fullest life.

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