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coeo consulting

consulting for individuals,

organizations, and businesses


not your typical consulting firm

we're a collaborative team with a unique skill-set, passionate about empowering organizations to cultivate a values-driven culture, and championing individuals as they navigate the mental health system. we combine expert guidance with evidence-based practices to create personalized solutions that fit you, or your organization's needs.

here's what sets us apart

unique skill-set: kristen & colleen have a combined 30+ years of experience with organizational health, change management, strategic planning, and operations. kristen's background in nursing, program & team development, executive leadership, management, & mental health provides a diverse perspective & creative solutions. colleen is trained as both a Counselor and an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and has worked in higher education, non-profits, and for the federal government. both kristen and colleen think systemically while focusing on the human experience.

individualized approach: we believe in a one-size-fits-one approach. through in-depth, structured consultations, we'll work with you to understand your specific goals and challenges and craft a customized plan for success.


actionable strategies: in addition to education and coaching, we'll equip you with actionable strategies you can immediately integrate into your organization's culture, or stepwise plans to meet your individual needs.


holistic focus: mental health intercepts all – your work, relationships, and physical health. we take a holistic approach, addressing all aspects that contribute to your well-being.

here's what we offer

small business culture development consulting & leadership training

we work with new and seasoned leaders and organizations who feel stuck and need an organizational or cultural reboot. we utilize a quality improvement framework to diagnose, define, develop, implement, and sustain change while providing structure and tools to meet your mission, vision, values, and goals. we are happy to facilitate workshops with your team.

support navigating mental health treatment options, insurance claims & appeals

from types of treatment and levels of care to insurance denials and admission criteria, navigating the complexities of the mental health system is wildly overwhelming. we support individuals and families to access optimal care and help you communicate with insurance companies.

employee education, seminars & trainings (some examples)

  • The Power of Showing-Up: Supporting the mental health of first responders

  • Secondary Trauma in Healthcare Providers 

  • The Family Connection: Connecting with our children, partners, and ourselves during times of transition

  • Humans caring for Humans: Trauma-informed care in the workplace

  • Eating Disorders: Behind the diagnosis 

  • Depression and Anxiety: Behind the diagnosis 

  • Mental Health System: Levels of care and how to get the treatment you need. 

And more…

pre-licensed therapist & EMDR supervision


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