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the coeo way.

bringing the community to you

of course you can do it alone, but we are here so you don’t have to.  coeo is committed to building a community of clients and practitioners who embrace a healing that aligns with the goals and values of each individual.

recovery reimagined

we are building a hybrid community of authentic clients and innovative practitioners dedicated to radical healing and recovery reimagined.

coeo cofounders

kristen and colleen started coeo as a mental health therapy practice dedicated to supporting individuals, couples, and families to feel seen, known, and accepted. we've since expanded our reach to include mental health and wellness consulting as well as offering coworking opportunities to other mental health professionals. 

coeo [kooyo] is latin meaning come together, go together, meet, assemble, flock, heal.


coeo was founded in 2023 on the foundational idea that given a safe space and the right relationships, humans can take risks, challenge themselves, and reimagine a different ending to their story.

what we value.


[cultivating joy]

healing and recovery is serious business, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun along the way.


[diversity, equity,

inclusion, & accessibility]

DEIA is not an after-thought; it’s built into everything we do.

play button

[embracing play]

play is not just a juvenile endeavor, it's curiosity, it's relational,  it's a state of being.


[doing it differently]

with wild compassion and a no-bullshit approach, we  address the source of your pain and the symptoms you developed.


let's connect.

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