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starting a business or private practice can be overwhelming and isolating. it's financially taxing and hard to know when to sign a lease before you have clients. plus, our virtual world encourages flexibility and a hybrid model to meet client needs. coeo coworking allows you to book offices when you need them, without signing a long-term lease, purchasing furniture, or worrying about overall maintenance. it allows flexibility for you and your clients’ schedules while supporting your professional growth. the coeo coworking space is dedicated to safety, comfort, & confidentiality to support the courageous work of both you and your clients.

coeo community membership benefits:

access to our coeo community portal for collaboration with like-minded mental health and wellness professionals

picture and bio listed on the coeo therapy webpage

safe space to share ideas, ask for feedback,  take professional risks, and grow your own practice

access to free workshops and education offered by coeo

access to weekly professional development check-ins/office hours

2x/month virtual group case reviews (2nd and 4th weeks of the month)

networking & referrals

opportunities to write blogs, social media posts, or other content to be featured and advertised on coeo’s website and media forums

discounts on paid workshops and education offered by coeo

community membership

(virtual membership)


/ month

great option for professionals or students wanting to collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals and belong to a team, but are not ready for co-working or office space

all coeo coworking memberships include: 

coeo community membership​ perks

unlimited access to the coworking space between the hours of 7am-8pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 8a-1p

access to our co-working and community portal for easy communication and office scheduling

wifi, a variety of work spaces, and printer access

coffee, tea, water, and refreshments while on-site

invitation to all networking and community events

invitation to 2x/month in person group case reviews (1st & 3rd weeks of the month)

opportunity to host events, workshops, or CE’s in the large, community space for a discounts price

coworker plan:



/ month

great option for graduate students pursuing mental health and wellness careers who want to join a community of like-minded professionals, belong to a team, and have a place to work and collaborate outside of home or school

community member benefits

all co-worker start-up plan benefits

coworker plan:



/ month

just getting started? this plan is ideal if you are looking for a supportive, professional community and occasional room rentals

coeo community member benefits

all co-worker benefits

hourly office rental at $25/hour

coworker plan:



/ month

growing practice? this plan is perfect for taking your practice to the next level

coeo community member benefits

all co-worker benefits

12 office credits a month

additional office rental at $15 an hour

coworker plan:


/ month


feeling more established? this plan is great to maintain flexibility & support growth simultaneously

coeo community member benefits

all co-worker benefits

28 office credits a month

additional office rental at $12 an hour

reservations for a designated office at the same time each week

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